Poroshenko threatens British journalists

The lawyers of the President of Ukraine promised to the representatives of the Western press trouble.

Lawyers for Petro Poroshenko threatened British publications, who published the dirt on it, litigation. A message appeared on the page of the journalist Maxim Tucker on Twitter.

– Received a letter from lawyers Poroshenko threatening to sue the British media that publishes the statement of Onishchenko about what he (Poroshenko) bribed members of Parliament, – he wrote.

The journalist said that the Ukrainian President obviously frightened by the charges of the former Deputy Onishchenko, who said about corruption in Parliament and stated that he had recorded conversations with Poroshenko on the clock with the recorder.

Tucker believes that the threat of the lawyers give to understand, what is the attitude of the President of Ukraine to the freedom of speech.

Earlier it was reported that the fugitive ex-Deputy of the Verkhovna Rada Oleksandr Onishchenko announced the transfer of dirt on the President, representatives of the justice Department US, who came to him in Europe.

Anna Sinarevskaya

Original: http://bloknot.ru/politika/poroshenko-nachal-ugrozhat-britanskim-zhurnalistam-iz-za-publikatsij-kompromata-na-nego-509560.html  (We apologize if the translation is not entirely correct.)



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