In Russia started production space antennas transformers

Part of the state corporation “Roscosmos” holding “Russian Space Systems” began production convertible antennas for small satellites for Earth remote sensing. RKS engineers report that the new Russian technology to monitor Earth from space will be cheaper and more efficient.

“The accuracy of our antenna system for the machine “Condor-FSA” comparable to the precision radar-based active phased array antenna – AFAR. During the day, with our antenna apparatus can receive a highly detailed image of 600 thousand square kilometers of the earth’s surface and examine the in the overview mode for more than 1.6 million square kilometers. This will significantly increase the possibility of the national grouping of remote sensing satellites.” – Says Alexander Chebotarev, director general of JSC “Special Design Bureau of the Moscow Power Engineering Institute”, a member of the RCC.

The developers explained that the antenna consists of a radiator, the wave path and transformable the reflector. Irradiating device is responsible for the electronic control of the radiation pattern. Precisely because of this synthetic aperture radar can operate in different viewing modes. Folding reflector folded occupies very little space, and then the satellite reaching orbit it just opens up and increasing in volume to a hundred times, it turns into a hexagon in a big way in the six to seven meters. The frame is equipped with a metal reflector reflecting radio waves.

This design provides space antennas reflectors of the same throughout the area. Among the other advantages of the development engineers noted a low cost, low weight and a fast return on investment.

The new antennas will be placed on a small spacecraft such as “Kondor-E”, which produces JSC “The Military Industrial Complex “NPO Machine Building”. In the nearest future we plan to launch two satellites for mapping and exploration of natural resources.



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