The main fears of Russians

The main fear of the Russians is still linked to the threat of international conflict and rising prices, although “fear indexes” generally decreased towards the end of last year. Less people are worried about the possibility of the emergence of family problems, the research results of the Russian public opinion research center.

The study was conducted at the end of the year 2016 December 130 localities in 46 regions of Russia among the 1.6 thousand respondents. Designed by sociologists “index of fear” shows what problems the Russians fear the most. This indicator is measured in points and ranges from -100 to 100: the higher the value, the more likely it seems problem.

The majority of respondents are afraid of international conflicts, the index value reaches 14 points (in January 2016, he was equal to 23 points).

Figure showing the level of concerns about a rise in price of goods and depreciation savings fell in December to the minimum value in the year 2016 (10 points against 19 earlier in the year).

The remaining indicators were in the area of negative values. Thus, the “index of fears” of increased crime in December dropped to -1 item less steel to bother Russians internal strife (-7 points) and health issues (-8 points).

Fears of lower revenue in connection with pay cuts, delayed payments and the like are considerably lower than on the mentioned above problems: corresponding index equal to -18 (in January it stood at -8 points). Index of fears of job losses in the past six months have not shown significant momentum in December totaled -29 points (-23 points in January).

The last line in “ranking fears” still hold family conflicts and problems, in December this index constituited -50 points.

The head of the research projects Mikhail Mamonov noted that December has become one of the most peaceful months of last year, is seen in a survey. He cited two reasons for reducing anxiety. The first is the stability in the currency market, and the second is the numerous statements of the country’s leadership that Russia wants peace.


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