The new “MiG” presented to the world

The new Russian fighter generation “4 ++” MiG-35 after the completion of state tests will update park Air Space Forces (ASF) and Russia can be offered it to foreign buyers.

On the basis of the industrial complex of the Russian aircraft Corporation (RAC) “MiG” in Lukhovitsy near Moscow on Friday, there was a presentation of the MiG-35. Flight tests of the fighter began on Thursday.

Russian President Vladimir Putin during a video conference on the occasion of the launching tests expressed hope that the new fighter would significantly enhance the Russian army.

Featured in Lukhovitsy MiG-35 – a multipurpose fighter generation “4 ++”, which is a further development of combat aircraft MiG-29K / KUB and MiG-29M / M2, has increased combat effectiveness and versatility.

According to open sources, the aircraft is able to carry pendants on 10 knots up to seven tons of a battle load and develops the speed of 2,25 Mach (more than 2,7 thousand kilometres at one o’clock).  Fighter combat radius of action of a thousand kilometers, practical ceiling – 17.5 thousand meters.

The first contract – after state tests

According to Commander ASF Viktor Bondarev , the first contract for the purchase of 30 fighters, the Defense Ministry will sign with the Corporation “MiG” immediately after flight tests of the aircraft, which should be completed in the summer of the year 2017.

“We will take these aircraft, they we need… A little time will pass and we will change the entire light fighter aircraft on this class”, said  Bondarev during the presentation of the MiG-35.

He added that in the near future, the MiG-35 will receive fliers aerobatic group “Strizhi”.

Total for replacement park light combat aircraft is planned to buy at least 170 of these fighters.

Flight tests of the MiG-35 is scheduled for completion until 2019, then he will go in the series, told RIA Novosti during a presentation of the aircraft, OAK president Yuri Slusar.

When the first machines can enroll in air force ASF Russia in the year 2018, said Director General of MiG RSK Ilya Tarasenko.

Local conflicts and the development of lasers

“It is good that there is now major armed conflicts, there is only local, as in Syria. We need planes such that could solve this task, and 3.5 thousand kilometers, which can fly the MiG-35,-we are very satisfied,” said Bondarev.

ASF Commander added that the development of laser weapons on the MiG-35 will start immediately after the completion of its flight tests.

He has confirmed the words of the President the UAC (United Aircraft Corporation) on the eve of said that the MiG-35 will be able to use perspective samples of weapons, including laser weapons.

As emphasized Slyusar, the fighter is  specially designed for the fights under the conditions of intensive  conflicts and high closeness of air defence.

“The high rates that are available, achieved through an established set of onboard equipment, new optical-radar stations, reduced radar signature several times, we have increased from six to eight suspension points, which allows the use of current and future designs of aviation means of destruction, including laser weapons”, he added.

Large export potential

Vladimir Putin at a meeting of defense industry expressed the hope that the new fighter will have a good export potential.

“I mean that in more than 30 countries actively operated another machine is a MiG-29, and a good infrastructure in these countries to use this fighter has trained cadres,” explained the head of State.

Putin emphasized that “industry and everything that is connected with the operation of these machines should be ready to offer our potential partners the maximum necessary in today’s world of services”.

Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin said on the TV channel “Russia 24”, that the MiG-35 is almost the same radar equipment, avionics, engines, like the latest developments Design Bureau “Sukhoi” – the Su-35 and T-50 (PAK FA) but its operating costs are much lower, and therefore it should be more willing to buy abroad.

According to Tarasenko, now the volume of orders of the Corporation is about four billion dollars.

RAC “MiG”, according to Korotkov, ready to open a service center for the MiG-35 fighter aircraft in the territory of the potential foreign customers, which is unified with the MiG-29, operated in 56 countries around the world.

As stated by the Deputy Head of the Federal service for military-technical cooperation, Anatoly Punchuk, a fighter will be in demand in Europe, especially, countries such as Bulgaria, Slovakia and Poland. According to him, Russia is now implementing contracts with these countries in repair and modernization of the MiG-29 aircraft. He added that Bulgaria had allocated the necessary funds for the repair of engines for the MiG-29, each of which is worth some five million dollars.

Russia also hoped to resume Indian tender for purchase of fighters already with the latest MiG-35.

India closed a tender in 2011 after winning it with the French fighter Rafale. Tender assumed purchase of 126 fighters for national air forces of more than 10 billion dollars. Prisoner in January 2016 year contract France involves the purchase of 36 Rafale fighters for the same amount — more than 10 billion dollars.

Next “MiG” – the fifth generation

Design Bureau “MiG” will develop a fifth-generation fighter, Rogozin said.

“Fifth-generation Fighter PAK FA is now on the State tests (developer-Corporation “Sukhoi”). Corporation “MiG” also will make the fifth generation fighter aircraft (light),” he said during the international presentation of the MiG-35.

Now in the arsenal of Russian ASF only fighters generations 4++.  Fifth-generation fighter – F-22 and F-35 – US Air Force are equipped exclusively.



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