Conflict in Ukraine

In the Donbas not stopped attacks by Ukrainian law enforcers.  Under attack – at home, schools.  Reports on the death of two civilians. Only that Ukrainian security forces bombarded the market in Donetsk. The projectile hit the parking lot. He did not explode, and only therefore it was possible avoids a large number of victims.  On the morning of the de-energized was the largest mine in the region, the rescue operation was completed just a few minutes ago.

From mine straight to warm the bus to warm up a little. The rescue operation at the mine Zasyadko name completed. On the surface up all 207 miners from the night shift. They spent under the ground about thirteen hours, the last five – without light. A  missile from Ukrainian guns, damaged high-voltage line and de-energize the mine. People had to wait until the generators are brought in which barely managed to run the frozen lift.

However, about a hot shower or bath, to get warm, so far just dreams to be miners.  For the last night of the projectiles damaged about a dozen boiler rooms, to ensure the heat of several regions of Donetsk and the surrounding villages. Repair crews under incessant cannonade trying to restore the supply of electricity, heat and water in residential neighborhoods.

Massive shelling of the three districts of Donetsk continued throughout last night. It was a chaotic fire without any intelligible purpose. Shells fell on schools, hospitals, residential homes. According to preliminary information, two civilians were killed, three were wounded.

Such large-scale fighting in the region of Donetsk has not been since 2015. That was the reason for the aggravation of this time, people’s Republic do not know. However, surprisingly the injection of tension happened just at the moment when the President of Ukraine Poroshenko went to Germany on an official visit. On the eve of the visit, he promised that he was going to pay attention to the German leadership on the situation in the south-east of Ukraine. And this was the main theme at the talks with the leadership of the Bundestag, and the German foreign minister, and Angela Merkel.

“Among the Ukrainian military has killed and wounded by artillery fire from artillery systems that have been set by the Russian militants in Donetsk and Yasinovataya residential neighborhoods to the Ukrainian military could not fire back,” – said Poroshenko.

To give weight to his words Poroshenko, however, after having spent all the negotiations, said that the emergency interrupts his visit to Germany and returned to Kyiv. This theatrical gesture was apparently designed for impressionable Europeans. But in the ranks of the Ukrainian military is much more popular completely different version of the aggravation of the conflict. Here does not hide the joy from received the order to attack.

Ukrainian military men who sit on the demarcation line, apparently unaware that by supporting the actions of its president, as commander in chief of the country, they spoil their elected Poroshenko diplomatic role of the victim. However, they are not alone. Only in the last day, OSCE observers reported more than two thousand facts of ceasefire violations. And, officially reported in the Ukrainian Army that from the Donetsk People’s Republic was less than seventy attacks. Who did the other two thousand – silent, even though it’s obvious to anyone who is familiar with arithmetic.

The shelling did not stop, and in those moments. However, in Donetsk, reported that in seven o clock decided to stop the fire, at least until the Ukrainian army remained in their positions and no longer attempt to go on the offensive.


Michael Akinchenko


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