Patients ambulance die in traffic due to the rudeness of drivers: experiment

In Rybinsk driver of foreign cars did not miss an ambulance with siren. The accident managing passenger car was seriously injured. Injured and ambulance doctors: one of them was thrown from the cabin, with him on the road flew equipment and stretchers. Fortunately, the team was heading to the challenge, the patient was not in the car.

Such incidents occur regularly. Ambulance driver Stepan says that each of his departure reminds exam courses of extreme driving. Physicians often do not simply refuse to concede, but are cut, and sometimes – threatened.

All of them probably do not realize that the car with the cross on the board at this very moment may be in a hurry and to their home.

“Subconsciously, mentally anyway already trying to be ready for all these situations, trying somehow to predict,” – said Stepan. Together with the correspondent of “Star” he moves to Moscow night in an ambulance, demonstrating the “politeness” metropolitan drivers.

To get to the desired address – this is only half the battle. In the yards, cluttered with parked cars, sometimes it is impossible to drive up to the entrance of the patient.

“Have to stop early in the home for two or three entrances, and the Brigade goes on foot to the challenge,” complains the driver.


For comparison, in Germany, drivers quickly give way to the ambulance: on frames placed in the Network, members of the movement for a second free strip, lining up on the roadside.


Completely opposite video shoot in Irkutsk. In the video, which appeared on the social networks, on the driver ambulance driver distraught attacked with a knife.


Similar footage filmed in St. Petersburg: there driver expensive car spits on the hood of the ambulances and threatens violence.

The Russian offer in law to equate the attack on the doctor for an attack on police in order to avoid such cases. But this is only an idea.


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