In Russia will create a “flying car”

Vertical take-off aircraft will be used for the carriage of passengers and goods. Developing Research Fund  will allocate 3 million rubles to develop

This was announced by project manager Jan Chibisov.

“For ease of piloting and availability of landing sites is to be, figuratively, “flying car”- he said.

Chibisov said, according to the contest results, which declared DRF must be created demonstrator aircraft vertical or extra short take-off (from 50 x 50 metres), intended for the carriage of passengers and goods weighing from 100 to 1000 kg.

The results of the competition to design the apparatus DRF plans to bring the 5 May. The winners will be awarded a contract worth 3 million rubles to create conceptual-design and experimental confirmation of the proposed ideas. As a next step it is planned to develop a project to build and flight test demonstrator.

“We expect that we will have more than one winner, and would be glad to competition came from several projects, each of which has its own niche,” – said Chibisov.

He noted that such a device will be important primarily for rescue operations. In doing so, the “flying car” should be implemented the function unmanned and remote control and manual piloting. “The pilot must be an ordinary person, the level of which training is only a few hours,” – said Chibisov.

As specified in the  DRF, the authors ideas can make a start in their works from the gyros, and konvertoplanov multicopter. Proposals on the basis of the helicopters are not accepted. “It is not allowed schemes with the idea of the main rotor in horizontal flight, that we are not faced a wave of helicopter projects”, – said Chibisov.



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