Internet cost in Russian cities

In Russia are set fairly low prices on the Internet. Achieving this possible due to high competition. Providers are constantly competing with each other in large cities, which attract a new audience is only possible at the expense of reduction of price.

The last two years the audience Runet (Russian-language Internet) grows solely through a mobile component. Today in Russia, more than 84 million Internet users and 62 million mobile Internet users. According to a study of “Yandex”, conducted in March 2016, the cheapest fare unlimited traffic at a rate of 3 megabits per second on the Russian cities and service providers an average of $6.72. The cheapest Internet access — in the Volga region, and the most expensive — in the far East.

See the infographic, what is the average pay for Russian Internet users.

Responding, Deputy Head of the Center for corporate communications of the Federal passenger company:

The cost of four-hour access to Wi-Fi on trains “FPC” is $2.47, 6 hours will cost $3.31, 8 hours – $4.14, 12 hours – $5.8, 24 hours – $6.63, and 36 hours – $7.47.

Original: AIF.RU

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