The opinion of Russians about “the flying car”

Evgeny Kuzminov

Another corruption project. The vehicle with vertical take-off and landing already invented and made, the helicopter is called. But apparently Jan Chibisov doesn’t know about it…

12:53  23.01.2017


Alex Snake

Yes, just give money! And tomorrow Mars will be Apple blossom! This is the last moan!

13:10   23.01.2017



I can offer a flying saucer. Fasten the wheels and will be flying car. Or maybe keep it? I will be the only owner. Haven’t decided yet.

13:13 23.01.2017



On the roads have not learned to ride and already want to fly. Horribly comrades, on the head to fall will be.

13:15  23.01.2017


Igor Burkov

Funny. In Russia an ordinary car can not do normally, and they want flying.

13:15 23.01.2017

Евгений 93

“Roads? Where we’re going, we don’t need roads” (Back to the Future)

13:42 23.01.2017



maybe better build roads?

14:47 23.01.2017



They Fantomas film watched?

15:43 23.01.2017


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