The White House is investigating the leak of Trump talks with foreign leaders

The US administration is studying how the press there is information about the telephone conversations of President Donald Trump with foreign leaders, said White House spokesman Sean Spicer.

“We are studying the situation, and it is alarming”, – quotes Spicer newspaper The Hill. According to him, “some of these leaks are a clear violation of existing rules and laws.”
White House spokesman did not specify what kind of investigations are conducted. At the same time, he stressed that the head of state personally concerned about the situation. “Of course, he is concerned about this very fact, that it can not negotiate without leakage causes concern.”, – He said.

Earlier, Reuters reported that in a recent conversation with Russian President Vladimir Putin called the Trump fails START-3. During a regular briefing Spicer refused to discuss the topic, noting that it was a private conversation between the two leaders.

In addition, the media reported that Trump was talking tough with the Australian Prime Minister and the President of Mexico. The head of the US administration later denied these reports.


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