Pushkov questioned Mogerini statements on sanctions against Russia

Russian senator Alexei Pushkov questioned the words of the head of EU diplomacy Federica Mogherini that the EU remain united on the issue of anti-Russian sanctions.

Mogerini previously held a number of meetings at the White House and State Department, including Secretary of State United States Rex Tillerson. As a result of these meetings, she said that an agreement with the interlocutors to maintain sanctions against Russia in force until you complete the Minsk agreements.

The head of European diplomacy noted that it is not sure of the constancy of the sanctions policy of the USA, but stressed that “the Europeans will continue to be united in this respect.”

“Mogherini said she had no confidence in the US determination to maintain sanctions – unlike the EU. But the EU is not reinforced concrete alliance: cracks are inevitable “, – wrote Pushkov in his microblog on Twitter.

Original: https://ria.ru/politics/20170211/1487726156.html

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