The scientists of Perm developed the method of the prey of precious metals using chemical reagents

Scientists of the University of Perm (PSNRU) created chemicals that allow you to extract from water a rare and precious metals, as well as harmful to human health components that fall into the environment from industrial waste. This was reported in the press-service of the University.

“The basis of our reagent is an organic substance antipyrine. In its interaction with certain acids the process of the extraction happens – selections of substances from water.  Thus, it is possible to receive the various metals, including silver, gold and platinum, and cobalt, thallium, and even some radioactive elements,” – told press service.

They explained that in Russia now operates three research centers in this area, but all of them are faced with the problem of small capacity – of reagent necessary to spend a large amount of water at the same time it releases very little of the desired substance.

Method created the Perm scientists, allows up to 100% of the desired material, the resources expended for the reaction are minimal.

Development of Permian chemists will be useful for metallurgical enterprises, as well as for those who actively uses and explores the water resources, including environmental services and environmental oversight.


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