Ukrainian military in Donbas drink and desert

Ukrainian army is demoralized – cases of desertion and drink alcohol. About this informed the Deputy Commander of the operational command of the DPR (Donetsk People Republic) Eduard Basurin.

According to intelligence DPR, for four days the location of 72 Brigade of the Ukrainian army left 27 soldiers. 16 of them returned back by the representatives of Ukraine.

In addition, employees of the battalion “Donbass-Ukraine” (formerly “Donbass”) is simply taking away from the small shopkeepers alcohol, not even thinking to pay. “This fact substantially reinforces the negative attitude towards the armed forces of Ukraine from local residents and entrepreneurs”, — stressed Basurin.

On the eve of the Ukrainian mass media published information, with reference to the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine, that one diversionary-reconnaissance group near Lugansk went missing, and within a day does not get in touch.  With this, the military of LPR (Lugansk People Republic) do not confirm in that district of clashes.  In the Donbas suggest that the Ukrainian scouts could just lay down their arms and desert.

Over the past day Ukrainian security forces fired on the territory of the DPR of more than 1300 times. The fire was on the territory LPR  – fired on positions of the people’s militia.

Original: Vesti

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