Far Eastern leopards began to master the transition over Narvinsky tunnel

Experts note remedy highway migration routes of the Far Eastern leopards in the area of Russia’s first environmental tunnel in Primorye, according to the national park ” Land of Leopard “.

Narvinsky road tunnel was built under the program for the conservation of the population of the Far Eastern leopard, was commissioned in March 2016. The road of regional significance Hassan – Razdolnoe passes in a narrow corridor between the protected areas of the national park “Land of Leopard”, crossing the path of a predator migration. The primary purpose of construction — to dissolve these paths with the road and reduce the risk of accidents. Now located in the “Land of Leopard” section of the route is nestled under the ground. Tunnel length – 575 meters, height – five meters, width – 9.25 m.



“In addition to traces of rare predators that experts” Earth Leopard “found in the snow before, in early February, scientists have yet another confirmation of the use of safe crossing of wild cats. Mounted above the tunnel camera traps have tracked the movement of one of the spotted predators through the pass. It was found that customary for local migratory animals seized by the female under Leo 92F “number, – the report says.

It notes that “the video shows how it is safe to pass through the pass, leaving behind the headlights and the sound of car engines – along with the leopard in the frame and hit the car.”

In addition, studying the footprints in the snow, left over the tunnel animal experts “Land of Leopard” suggested that in addition to the transition of Leo 92F also enjoys male leopard. For hoofed animals move over the tunnel has become common.

“The Return of the Far Eastern leopard Narvinsky pass – a symbol of change in the attitude of people to nature, shared responsibility for the preservation of the unique ecosystem of Southwest Primorye … The fixed camera traps beautiful cat looks completely healthy, it is the female in the prime of life. It is possible that in the future it is not yet time, to use the safe passage is not one, but with little kittens, for which the car though the threat has not disappeared completely, but significantly reduced “, – says Director ” Land of Leopard ” Tatiana Baranowskaya.




Original: RIA Novosti

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