Maslenitsa in Russian cities

Maslenitsa – the ancient Slavic festival with numerous customs, through the ages has come down to our days. It is noted in the week before Lent. Carnival is celebrated in 2017 from 20 to 26 February.

Maslenitsa – a fun send-off winter, illuminated by a joyful expectation of a close heat, spring renewal of nature.

The main attributes of the festival traditionally been – Maslenitsa scarecrow, fun, sleigh rides, festivals, and of course, pancakes – round, ruddy, hot, before they had a ritual significance, because it is a symbol of the sun, which is brighter flared up, lengthening days.

Perhaps the pancakes were part of the funeral rites, since the Saturday before Carnival was honored as “Parents’ Day” – the Slavs worshiped the souls of deceased ancestors.

Centuries passed, changed lives, with the adoption of Christianity in Rus, new, church holidays, but the general Carnival continued to live. She met and accompanied with the same irresistible audacity that in pagan times.


Original: Масленица в городах России


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John Quaritch

beautiful girls in Russia ;)!