Question abolition of visas for Ukraine EU split

A number of EU countries are planning to block the initiative to provide a visa-free regime for Ukrainian citizens, the newspaper “Izvestia”.

European politicians fear that a free entry into the EU will increase the number of illegal migrants seeking to find work. Such a perspective is extremely undesirable.

Of particular concern is experiencing the official Prague. The Czech Republic is currently the number of labor migrants from Ukraine exceeds the number of newcomers from other countries. Cancellation of visas, says the deputy of the Czech Parliament Zdeněk Ondrachek does not match the security environment both in Ukraine and in the European Union.

Czech MP Jaromir Kohlicek sure against visa-free regime will also perform the Netherlands, Belgium, Portugal and Italy.

The main reason for migration of Ukrainians to Europe – the inability to find work at home and the economic crisis.э

The final decision on the issue of EU visa-free regime for citizens of Ukraine, as reported by the media, should be taken at the EU Council for Foreign Affairs, which is scheduled for May 11th.

Original: СМИ: вопрос отмены виз для Украины расколол Евросоюз

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