The state defense order for the supply of new equipment to the troops fulfilled in last year by more than 98%

Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu during a day of acceptance of military products, stated that the State Defense order for supplying new equipment to troops executed last year by more than 98%.

Within the framework of the program of rearmament military units already updated more than half of the equipment, and to the year 2020 share modern weaponsshould reach 70%. Among the samples already placed on combat duty, the Thor anti-aircraft missile complex. And the first batch of Mi-28ub helicopters will come to the troops before the end of the year. It is a modification already well showed oneself, including in Syria, cars Mi-28N, but equipped with a more perfect radar and another equipment. And the account such novelties goes to thousands.

“In the past year, the armed forces have received more than 6,000 prospective weapons samples of military equipment. In accordance with the schedule, the troops are provided with engineering automotive equipment. Communications aircraft armament and ammunition. The planned indicators of State 2016 for the delivery of new weapons of military special equipment were implemented at 98.2%. And on the repair by 95,6%. The results show that, in general, industry is fulfilling the commitments it has made,” said Sergei Shoigu.



Original: Гособоронзаказ по поставкам новой техники в войска выполнен в прошлом году более чем на 98% 

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