Putin answered Stone on the question of “the desire to become a king”

You should not strive for absolute power and “be a king,” the main thing is to properly dispose of those powers that already exist, Russian President Vladimir Putin said in an interview with American director Oliver Stone.

“You have full power, they say you want to become a king,” Stone replies, to which Putin retorts: “The question is to properly dispose of those forces that already exist. Properly dispose of .”
Excerpts from Stone’s film are published on Showtime on YouTube.

The fully four-part documentary “Interview with Putin” will be aired on June 12-15.

Stone is known as the director who shoots films on sharp political topics, his characters were President Richard Nixon, John Kennedy, George W. Bush. In addition, his last work was a film about the former US intelligence agent Edward Snowden, which premiered in the fall of 2016.

Original: Путин ответил Стоуну на вопрос о “желании стать царем”

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