Thursday became the coldest June 15 in Moscow for the last 138 years

The daily temperature in Moscow on June 15 was the lowest in the last 138 years, and it is possible that this record will be broken today, said RIA Novosti expert of the weather center “Phobos” Yevgeny Tishkovets.

“This was not 138 years, now the actual weather in Moscow is 9.5 degrees Celsius, and the record was 9.9 degrees, so maybe we will even beat the record of 138 years ago. If yes, then in Moscow In life has never been, “- said the source of the agency.

He said that it was about daytime temperatures, and not about the minimum temperature of the day, which is traditionally determined at night.

Earlier, meteorologists reported that Thursday in the capital will be the coldest day of this week – the temperature corresponds to the usual indicators of the end of April.

Original: Четверг стал самым холодным 15 июня в Москве за последние 138 лет

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