Moscow began to develop a response to US sanctions

Moscow is beginning to develop retaliatory measures after Washington’s next expansion of the sanctions list against Russia, RIA Novosti deputy foreign minister Sergei Ryabkov said.

“We regret this step (the US step), and it is with this feeling of once again missed opportunities to move towards improving our bilateral relations that we begin to work out our response measures,” Ryabkov said.
“Moscow repeatedly on different levels stressed that we will judge the policy of the US administration in the Russian direction by its actions, not by statements, not by any signals, hints, semi-official impulses, but strictly by deeds. Speak for themselves, “the deputy minister said.

He stressed that the next expansion of anti-Russian measures will not affect the course of Moscow, citizens and companies will not suffer from them either.

“They will not damage us, we will continue our course firmly and consistently,” the high-ranking diplomat said.

According to him, Washington, expanding the anti-Russian sanctions, deliberately pours water at the mill of the war party in Kiev, that is, those who do not want the settlement of the conflict in the Donbass and are interested in disrupting the Minsk agreements.

“We, as in the situation with the attacks of American forces on the aircraft and on the unmanned aircraft of the Syrian Armed Forces, say that this US policy contradicts the American declared goals,” the deputy minister added.

On Tuesday, the US Treasury imposed sanctions against 38 private individuals and organizations in connection with the situation around Ukraine, as well as against six banks for activities in the Crimea. The list included officials, including Deputy Minister of Economic Development Sergei Nazarov.

As previously announced by RIA Novosti First Deputy Head of the International Committee of the Federation Council Vladimir Jabarov, Russia will analyze the expansion of the US Department of Finance sanctions, retaliatory measures can be taken after the G20 meeting.

Original: Москва приступила к разработке ответных мер на санкции США, заявили в МИД

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