Russian ships attacked the “Caliber” objects of the Islamic State * in Syria

The ships of the Navy attacked the objects of the Islamic State * group in Syria with rockets “Caliber”, reports the Defense Ministry.

The attacks were carried out from the eastern part of the Mediterranean Sea by the frigates “Admiral Essen” and “Admiral Grigorovich”, as well as the submarine “Krasnodar”. At the same time, “Krasnodar” performed launches from the underwater situation.
The targets were the command posts and large ammunition stores of militants in the province of Ham. At the same time, the arsenal detonated in the warehouse after the missile hit.

Remnants of the militants were destroyed by air strikes bombers VKS.

The department stressed that they had been informed in time about the attack of the command of Turkey and Israel.

The last time Russian ships attacked the “Caliber” positions of terrorists in May, then the ships were targeted by militant forces in the Palmyra area.

Caliber rockets are able to hit objects at a distance of 2,600 kilometers and can overcome any anti-aircraft and anti-missile defense: when flying, they constantly change altitude and direction, this makes their detection a very difficult task.

* Terrorist organization banned in Russia

Original: Российские корабли атаковали “Калибрами” объекты ИГ* в Сирии

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