USA sell Russian liquefied gas

American tankers deliver liquefied gas terminal in Antwerp fuel purchased in Russia. This is stated in a report released Monday by the newspaper Soir new investigation of offshore companies, called the Paradise Papers. As part of this investigation, the international journalist group ICIJ (International consortium of investigative journalists), funded by, inter alia, George Soros funds, studied about 13.5 million documents on the work of the offshore teams.

The publication notes that coming to Antwerp liquefied petroleum gas delivered four tankers, which belong to the Marshall Islands registered company Navigator Holdings ltd, 31% of the shares which, according to participants investigation, belongs United States Secretary of Commerce Uilburu Ross. They transport the liquefied hydrocarbon gas of the production of the “Sibur” company from the Russian port Ust-Luga.

Original: США торгуют российским сжиженным газом

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