From where stamp: the Interior Ministry and State Duma were angry with a gay wedding

They put stamps “without unnecessary questions, not changing in the face” – it is about MFC employees and passports of two gay movement activists, which now have stamps about marriage. In the column about spouses both names are male. “In Russia for the first time recognized same-sex marriage”- the Russians Pavel and Eugene became the reason for many similar headlines and heroes for the LGBT community.

In an interview to share a life hack. Signed in Copenhagen, knowing that Russia recognizes the unions concluded abroad. Certificate of marriage brought at the Centre of public service. As a result, they got stamps on the pages about marital status. This precedent is now under the close attention of the State Duma. In particular, the deputies will examine the possible shortcomings of the domestic of the family code, which, as stated by Deputy Vitaly Milonow, “was written by normal people and ignores black nuances of foreign legislation”.

One of the newlyweds are well known in Moscow. However, not as a gay-movement activist, but in a medical sphere.  Paul — teacher, head of the research laboratory, explores men’s health. Regular participant of scientific conferences, winner of awards and gratitude at the state level.

“This official was not familiar with us, but we are grateful that she acted in accordance with the laws of the Russian Federation. She just followed the letter of the law,” says Pavel Stocko, a doctor.

Lawyers are now carefully studying the story, remember the 12th article of the Family code, and administrative regulations.

“These citizens refer to the administrative regulations governing issuance of passports. I looked up the rules, and all the same the literal content of the 157th paragraph suggests that stamped “spouse” or “spouses,” explains Kira Koruma, lawyer for family law matters.

Signed in Denmark the couple point to article 14 of the Family code. In fact, homosexual love is not among the circumstances, preventing conclusion of marriage. But it seems that soon the deputies will write in more detail.

“Of course, it’s necessary to override this decision because there are no legal bases for him.  Their rationale is pure casuistry. Lawmakers need to approach it seriously and change the legislation”, — said Mikhail Emelyanov, first Deputy Chairman of the Duma Committee on state building and law.

In which particular office they put a seal in the documents on the registration of marriage, the newlyweds are not tell. The management of all Moscow MFC assures that it was not able to make such an employee of the multifunctional center. Here only accept documents for the planned registration, stamps do not put, and pass papers to the bodies of registry Office for decision making. Commented on the situation and the Interior Ministry. Passports of these citizens are declared invalid.

“In fact the stamp about marriage registration among citizens male in passports of citizens of the Russian Federation conducted the test, the results of which the employee who committed violations of the legislation of the Russian Federation, and her immediate supervisor will be dismissed from the Interior Ministry. Passports of these citizens are included in the federal database of invalid passports,” – said the official representative of the Russian Interior Ministry Irina Wolf.

It is not a secret that many lovers of same-sex Russians register their marriages abroad, but confirm in Russia their status can not. The heroes of the Danish wedding in Russia are already taking in their address both the words of criticism and support. In one day the number of subscribers and hate increased several times. While this story important two formulations: “Confirmation of marriage Registration” and “registration” itself. Today in the world already 23 countries legalized similar relations. Several other territories have been introduced where such unions are permitted. Russia is not on this list.

Original:  Откуда штамп: гей-свадьба возмутила МВД и Госдуму

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