On the ISS, a new record for the duration of stay in open space – 8 hours and 13 minutes

8 hours 13 minutes in space – Alexander Misurkin and Anton shkaplerov set a new record for the Russian cosmonauts, six minutes ahead of the achievement of five years ago. However, this happened compulsorily. Extend the time of exit had nearly an hour and a half.

Everything was done in order to install the new communication module instead of the old, who worked for 17 years. Get to the old installation was not easy, as well as unscrew the old nuts. But as a result, on the Earth Misurkin and Shkaplerov’s work was called “jewelry”.

Original:  На МКС установлен новый рекорд по длительности пребывания в открытом космосе — 8 часов 13 минут

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