Russian Armed Forces attacked the area from which the Su-25 was shot down

A strike by high-precision weapons was inflicted on the area from which the portable anti-aircraft complex missile (MANPADS) was launched, which shot down the Russian Su-25 attack aircraft, and 30 “Djebhat an Nusry” fighters were killed (the organization is banned in the Russian Federation). This was reported on Saturday at the Defense Ministry.

“A group strike by high-precision weapons has been inflicted on the area controlled by the terrorist group Jebhat an Nusra in the province of Idlib, from where the MANPAD missile was launched on the Russian Su-25” the ministry said. The Defense Ministry added that “according to radio intercepts, more than 30 rebels” Djebhat an Nusra “were destroyed as a result of the attack.

As reported earlier in the department, on Saturday in the province of Idlib rebels “Djebhat an Nusry” from the MANPADS shot down a Russian Su-25 attack aircraft, which circled over the de-escalation zone “Idlib”. The pilot managed to catapult, however, reported to the Ministry of Defense, later was killed in battle with terrorists.

Now the Russian Center for Reconciliation in Syria, together with the Turkish side, is trying to return the body of the deceased pilot.

Original:  ВС РФ нанесли удар по району, откуда был сбит Су-25

Popular comments in the social network  Vkontakte (flood and insults are not translated)

Андрей Маслов

to equalize there all by 2-3 meters in depth

Stefhan Anion

it’s possible to think they sit there and wait when the bombs start to fall on them

Валерий Сухов ответил Stefhan

the majority of unwashed basmatches is destroyed. They are slow on the uptake.

Yana Romanova

It’s better to bomb those who put the terrorists of the manpad

Сергей Рюмичев

All there turned into hell!!! For their need to take revenge!!! Rest in peace warrior! And condolences to the family (

Stefhan Anion answered Валерию

Oh, and who shot down the plane? Defeated ISIS from the destroyed headquarters?

Татьяна Ефимова

Introduce a regime of terror!

Валерий Сухов answered Stefhan

Stefhan, this is news from anti-Russian freaks. This is normal.

Дмитрий Орлов answered Stefhan

The plane shot down Djebhat an Nusry, and not ISIS, idiot

Алексей Брагин answered Татьяне

Tatiana, where ??? In Russia???)))

Святослав Терехов

I call our special services to pay attention to people rejoicing in the deaths of our fellow citizens. If they are on the territory of Russia – let them answer as accomplices of terrorists.

Сергей Рюмичев

There is information that after the bailout the pilot landed on a parachute, was able to hide behind a stone massif. People write in tweeters that the officer resisted and gave battle, having fired all the cartridges from the SAP (Stechkin automatic pistol) and made a self-detonation with a hand grenade to not be captured. Where the militants are shooting a video. The characteristic traces of charring and burn of the 4th degree of hands and forearms confirm this, as well as the nature of the injuries received. We wait for details. Everlasting memory…

Алексей Огурцов

“A high-precision strike was struck down 30 fighters were destroyed.” There per one hundred square kilometers there should be a dead zone, such there should be the answer of the strong state that next time, seeing a Russian plane, all terrorists hid

Грустный Лёва

The program “Time” (note: Russian news) on channel 1. 10 minutes about the Olympians. 7 minutes about Trump and about the Russian intervention. and 30 seconds on the seventeenth minute – In Syria shot down a Russian plane. Citizens, gentlemen and comrades!!!! What is this for blasphemy? A Russian pilot perished, sovereign’s person, his government has sent to perform a combat mission. And what happens? Trump and his clinton are more important than the death of our guy ?? Or is this shameful olympiad more important? Complete degradation in society.


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