In Nizhnevartovsk, the patient died in queue to a doctor

In Nizhnevartovsk (Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous Okrug), the patient died in the queue to the doctor. This fact is being checked.

As reported by RIA Novosti Director of the Department of healthcare of Ugra Alexey Dobrovolsky, the patient who was waiting for a doctor’s appointment in the clinic Nizhnevartovsk, began to feel bad. He was assisted, both by the staff of the polyclinic, and by the doctors of the ambulance, but, unfortunately, this did not help.

All the circumstances of the incident will be established by a check conducted by the Department of Health of the Autonomous Okrug.

Original: В Нижневартовске пациент умер в очереди к врачу

Readers ‘ comments in the social network Vkontakte:

Сергей Хитрин

To seat Putin in that queue to the doctor and give a pension of 10 thousand rubles (notice: 172 dollars)!!!

Леонид Чекменев

this is really bad, because government completely destroyed the Russian medicine. Yes, in the Soviet Union was a queues, but no such queues.

Ольга Галина

Unfortunately, this is not uncommon.

Илья Рекун

And what is surprising about this?

Володимир Тьовс

Now Ukrainians and liberals will come running, they will scold authorities and medicine.

Flee to America, there you will be cured! Of course if you are a millionaire. Without money in America you in the hospital will not be allowed to enter.

In Ukraine, in general, most of the hospitals are closed, and doctors are mobilized to cure the Ukrainian Wehrmacht

Маргарита Федорова

What to be surprised by…..

Савия Бускина

it is sad and now it is a common phenomenon in many hospitals

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