Mass media: physicists nuclear engineers arrested on the attempt to mine bitcoins on a super computer

As reported by the Telegram-channel Mash, employees of a closed nuclear facility, the Federal Nuclear Center, were detained in Sarov (Nizhny Novgorod region), who tried to use the supercomputer available for the organization for bitcoins mining.

Supercomputers are used to perform complex calculations for scientific and industrial purposes. However, the two nuclear physicists had a simpler task: mining with the available computer capacities more bitcoins, fortunately they had access to the super computer by official duties.  Implement a plan for future crypto entrepreneurs was not allowed only one reason – the supercomputer was not connected to the Internet. However, as it turned out, this obstacle can be overcome.

However, they could not implement all their plans.  After connecting the supercomputer to the network, the employees of the center came to the attention of the Department of Homeland Security, who watched that there were no additional connections to the Network at the site. Further enterprising physicists engaged in the FSB. Failed miners were taken under house arrest, although the issue of their dismissal has not yet been resolved.

Original:  СМИ: физики-ядерщики задержаны за попытку майнить биткоины на суперкомпьютере

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