Russian diplomats responded to the insult the Ambassador Yakovenko British media

Russian diplomats in the UK responded to the article by the Daily Mail devoted a press-conference of the Ambassador Alexander Yakovenko. The corresponding message posted on the page of the diplomatic mission in Twitter.

In the article British journalist Quentin Letsa talking about briefing Yakovenko, who held a March 22. The Ambassador answered questions about the former GRU Colonel Sergei Skripal and relations between Moscow and London.

An article written in a mockingly scepticism tone represents a reportage and replete with similar passages:

“The Russian Ambassador Alexander Yakovenko watched too many James Bond movies. Rehearsed chuckle. Strained humor. Yesterday during the eccentric press conference at his residence the Kremlin’s man has staked on deliberate politeness “.

For the answer, the diplomats gave the following excerpt from the text:

The fourth March Sergei Skripalja and his daughter Julie was found unconscious in the British city of Salisbury. London claims that they were poisoned with a substance developed under the Soviet program of “Novice”. When this project with a similar name in the Soviet Union did not exist, and in the marking system used numbers. The name “Novice” was reprinted foreign media from the Vil Mirzayanov, who was not related to the creation of chemical weapons. Moscow categorically denies all the charges.

Readers ‘ comments:


About “sexism” good answered. Kicked with their weapon.  And Yakovenko, by the way, kept brilliant. As befits a diplomat, not the blond haired clown. (note: an allusion to Boris Johnson)



English shit.



amk1925, English more able nothing, except shit.



Sergey, And what remains? From the former glory remained only smelly the Thames and the ramshackle of Bigben:-)


Михаил Романов

Russia has a lot of patience!  She submissively endure this too.



The vaunted British restraint, prudence, discretion, and diplomacy in the past… They even pull of their former partners in the EU, toward its cesspool.



I am, of course, ashamed-but I have not caught the elegance and wit of the answer of Russian diplomats… It is an impression that there is in the answer some almost family humor, incomprehensible to the person external… Or something lewd was in a dress\Shoe journalist was?



I watched this press conference! Top class! Ambassador in his place!


Дональд Петрович ТрампенкоUA

Russia turned into a laughing stock for the world. Answer, Patriots, when such was?! How can you destroy the image of the country for several years? To gain reputation you need decades, centuries and deeds, and turn to dust can be for months. To recover-several generations.


Андрей Драгунов

I would add that Britain, a country founded on intrigue and betrayal. The owner of the largest colonies on the Earth. Arrogance has become part of proper education. We all know and remember. Time will tell who is right!


Семенов Алексей

I agree, too much we have revised the Western propaganda. Thank you Daily Mail that open our eyes and show your true face. Remove the rose-colored glasses that which you for so diligently put on us.



To insult the Ambassador – is simple enough. Much more difficult to stay at this level,as his Excellency Ambassador Yakovenko. lauded British upbringing gives a massive failure.


Иосиф Ермолаев

The level of culture of British diplomacy now shows hairy Boriska. !!!!!!!!!!!!!! Where missing a subtle English humor? Even lie, respecting decorum, Englishmen have forgotten how.



Hmm, English gentlemen degraded to the level of cockney. Not surprised-the country has long been known not so much for their politeness, how insolence like cattle.



Do the Brits even know how to talk normally?


Original: Российские дипломаты ответили на оскорбление посла Яковенко британскими СМИ

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