About 50 ships and vessels will join the Russian Navy until 2020

According to the commander of the Russian Navy, all the ships will be provided in accordance with the plans of the shipbuilding program because they are built “for specific fleets”

Around 50 ships will enter the combat strength of the Navy of Russia till 2020. This was announced by Russian Navy commander Vladimir Korolev, speaking on Saturday at a ceremony of installation of the last Board cladding on the hull an exact copy of the sailing linear ship of the Baltic fleet “Poltava”.

“Shipbuilding program 2018-2020 will be fully implemented – it is not even subject to any doubts. <…> We will definitely get and enter the following in combat composition in this period and the nuclear submarine missile cruiser with ballistic missiles and nuclear submarines, and, without a doubt, the new frigates, diesel submarines, small missile ships, supply vessels,” said Korolev.

“We’ll talk like that – it’s about 50 ships in this period”, – the commander specified, having added that this is a “main task which puts it to yourself today general command of the navy”.

According to him, all the ships will be provided in accordance with the plans of the shipbuilding program because they are built “for the particular fleets that will solve the problem, in other theatres”.

Among the main objectives for the period up to 2020, Korolev called the balance number of built ships and infrastructure, which will provide them with everything necessary in places of permanent deployment. “In addition, we are still building support vessels – their number will correspond to the number of warships,” he stressed.

Original: Порядка 50 кораблей и судов войдут в состав ВМФ России до 2020 года

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Даня Нескоромных

Is that how much taxpayer money?


Алексей Кузин Replied To Дане

Danny, As much as needs


Даня Нескоромных Replied To Алексею

Алексей, eeven Kremlin bot pay VAT, fuel and other taxes, hope and income. So people need to know how much money they’ll take and how much they steal.


Тотырбек Дигоев Replied To Дане

Danja, another liberal


Тотырбек Дигоев Replied To Дане

Dan, Couch Analysts, economists, politicians, sociologists in one person


Максим Шишкин Replied Дане

Даня, your family’s safety is not worth the money or are you willing to bet with me with this?


Даня Нескоромных Replied To Максиму

Maxim, my family no one threatens. Work out the payment and write more letters.


Максим Шишкин Replied To Дане

Даня, because you were still young, too, you did not live in the 90s when the Caucasus burned, and when the Russians died for the terror not to come to our land in a broad sense, but you do not understand this, you were born in a comfortable life and such things you will never understand until something happens, and the story speaks about it. And history needs to be taught.


Ivan Rokotoff



Василий Головань

The country’s defense is growing every year


Евгений Калашников

It’s unbelievable… It means that budgetary funds are spent not in vain!


Андрей Владимирович

Some dreams and fantasies


Иван Лебедев

Rogozin Daydreams? Or his hallucinations?


Ильнар Мурзин

All such naive)) although you would seems adults


Антон Никифоров

I wonder those who ache about taxpayers ‘ money, a lot of taxes really pay? And other taxpayers you asked? I don’t mind for example, I believe us need 500 ships, rather than 50. So do not talk for all. Or do you think that all those with your point of view do not agree a priori kremleboty, etc.? Very stupidly.


Анатолий Баздев

who does not feed his army feeds someone else’s


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