Incidents by russian aircraft carrier “Admiral Kuznetsov”


As will consider: incidents by aircraft carrier “Admiral Kuznetsov” and experience of IUD of the USA

December 5 after the performance of a battle objective in Syria a deck fighter of Su-33 during the landing was rolled out beyond the deck of the heavy aviacarried cruiser (TAKR) “Admiral Kuznetsov” and tumbled into the sea. The pilot ejected.

November 14 when landing in a few kilometers from the aircraft carrier, crashed fighter MiG-29. The pilot was saved.

The first incident with the “Admiral Kuznetsov” happened in 2005 when in the Northern Atlantic during deck-landing the fighter of Su-33 collapsed in the sea.

For 25 past years such a four accidents occurred in a Russian Navy. Moreover, in 1991 on the deck of the “Admiral Gorshkov” fighter Yak-141 crashed.

Two fresh incidents within the month of active service in the Mediterranean sea caused a wide response, a wave of a domestic and foreign criticism of military Russian pilots, of the seamen and the cruiser in general.

However, the experts failed to avoid extremes in estimations.

Whether so bad TAKR “Admiral Kuznetsov” how do some commentators try to depict him?

In the war as in the war

We will consider several examples the informative aggression of the West of last days, not touching old “smoke above the English Channel”.

December 6 the American agency Bloomberg reported: “Putin demonstrates his clumsy aircraft carrier… The “Admiral Kuznetsov” should have stayed at the Russian coast. Or, even better, to go to the dump. How pile of the scrap-metal he will bring a much more benefit than as the tool of the projection of the power of Russia “.

on 5 December, funded by the Congress of the USA the broadcast company “Radio Liberty” paid attention to the senselessness of the mission of the “Admiral Kuznetsov” at shores of Syria.

December 1 the American newspaper the Washington Post wrote: “Satellite images highlight potential problems with Russia’s lone aircraft carrier… as a modest attempt to field a maritime task force capable — at least on some levels — of mimicking its U.S. supercarrier counterparts.”.

November 30 British newspaper «The Times» noted: “Most of the pilots of an aviation group “Admiral Kuznetsov” was unable to make the takeoff and landing on the ship…Senescent military equipment demonstrates only the limit of the opportunities of the Russian army, but not her power”.

Unsatisfactory evaluations are pouring like from horn of plenty. However, according to the German weekly magazine Stern smoky «Kuznetsov» wiped the nose anyway “pride of the US Navy” –

the newest destroyer-stealth the Zumwalt, which completely lost a fighting ability and a mobility as a result of the breakage during the passage-way on a Panamanian channel.

Meanwhile, the foreign experience of operating aircraft carriers is quite remarkable.

American statistics

In 2016, the U.S. Navy faced a shortage of aircraft carriers in The Asia-Pacific region and the middle East, nevertheless the Americans have more than ten ships of this class and the impressive statistics of accidents.

In October 2015 aboard the U.S. aircraft carrier “Ronald Reagan” on the U.S. naval base Yokosuka in Tokyo Bay the plane of an early radio-location warning of Grumman E-2 Hawkeye caught fire.

In 2011, the fighter-bomber F/A-18C Hornet exploded and burned on a catapult while trying to take off from the nuclear aircraft carrier “John C. Stennis”.

In 1998 on aircraft carrier “Enterprise” plane EA-6B “Prauler” got on  another plane – S-3 “Viking”. They did not fly more.

In 1994 during boarding on aircraft carrier “Abraham Lincoln” the plane F-14 “Tomket” crashed into the sea, the first woman-pilot deck aviation Kara Hultgreen was killed.

Aircraft carrier “Nimitz” has a special history. In 1991 during the landing on his deck got broken F/A-18C “Hornet”. In 1988 in an Arabian Sea on the board of “Nimitz” an electric descent gun “Vulcan” attack aircraft A-7E was jammed, and the 4000 shots are in a minute riddled refueling tanker KA-6D, which was burned along with the fuel and seven other aircraft. In 1981 during the landing on “Nimitz” electronic warfare aircraft EA-6 Prowler crashed into a helicopter Sikorsky S-61/SH-3 «Sea King». From collision and fire exploded five missiles «Sparrow». Also burned nine attack aircrafts, three heavy interceptors, three planes Anti-submarine warfare (14 military seamen were killed). Thus, only one “Nimitz” lost more than 25 aircraft and helicopters. In 1972 fighter “Phantom” during landing of aircraft carrier “Midway” crashed into the planes, eight from which were destroyed. Fire by nuclear-powered aircraft carrier “Enterprise” in 1969 arose from a reactive stream of the plane which hit  in the rack with rockets “Zuni”. Because of the fire and the explosions the “Enterprise” lost 15 planes and 27 military seamen. The biggest disaster happened in 1967 by aircraft carrier “Forrestol” in Tonkinskom bay. After spontaneous launch rocket “Zuni” from the pylon of the attack aircraft “Skayhok” and crashed into fully ready to fly planes. Fire covered six decks of the ship, nine  bombs detonated, 21 planes burned out, 134 military of the sailor were killed. “Forrestol” has lost a fighting ability.

On aircraft carriers of the US Navy in the last half century happened more than 100 serious accidents. Having a so tragic operating experience, americans hardly have a right to give Russia advice about TAKR “Admiral Kuznetsov”. This ship for 11 years, lost three aircraft, and all pilots alive.

Degree of reliability

The professionalism of the crew is not correlated with the number of accidents on an aircraft carrier. Often the cause of accidents become complex engineering design, systems of reliability and

exploitation of the aerotechnics in limited space (what is the landing of 20-ton on a 300 meter deck at speed about 250 km per hour?). And case.

The aircraft carrier is a complex engineering structure. On a huge ship periodically fail mechanisms that can be recovered at sea. More complex problems can lead an even new ship to the emergency situation. For example, an aircraft carrier the naval forces of the USA “Gerald Ford” failed the inspection of the ministry of defence, turned out unapt for fighting because of the technological miscalculations and the trouble. (

Certainly, the Syrian lessons of the “Admiral Kuznetsov” will leave their trace in the future

development of a Russian Navy, in the system of the preparation of the pilots and the seamen. The military and technical problems will be solved,  Arresting gear system dependability is heightened, and it topically not only for Russia. Losses are not critical.


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The weapons of an aircraft carrier are planes. And the Russian planes are very good.