Strengthening of NATO at the borders of Russia

Russian General staff: the increased activity of NATO is provocative


About the increased military activity of NATO on the line of contact with Russia, said the chief of the Russian General staff Valery Gerasimov. During briefing for the foreign military attaches accredited in the Russian Federation, he emphasized that “these actions were destructive and provocative”, “Interfax” reports.

“In Europe on the line of the contiguity Russia-NATO the alliance grows military contingents, accumulates armaments and develops a military infrastructure”, – the chief of a general Russian Staff noted.

Gerasimov noted that as compared with a last year this year considerably the number grew of the doctrines and the flights of a reconnaissance aviation of ongoing with the north Atlantic union .

The activity grew the naval force of NATO in the Baltic, Barents and Black Seas “, – Gerasimov said.

However, Valery Gerasimov emphasized that the development of strategic nuclear forces of Russia in 2017 will be supported at the level providing a guaranteed inhibition of aggression.


15 Dec 2016 13:40 Moscow time



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