For Russian pensioners reserved 7 trillion rubles

Dmitry Medvedev’s interview.

Russian Prime Minister said that for 2017 for pension payments the government reserved 7 trillion rubles.

“Next year in the budget on pensions scheduled a huge amount, I mean the budget of the Pension Fund. There are a total of 7 trillion rubles,”

Medvedev added that in the Russian Federation 43 million lives the citizens of a retirement age.


With regard to the indexation of the pensions, then next is scheduled for the first quarter of 2017, at the level of 5,8%.

Dmitry Medvedev emphasized that all conversations that the pensions will stop indexing or “something will not be paid there” in addition, is nonsense: “Will pay everything, all that is due”. A decision is made that in 2017 the government will return to the ordinary system of the indexation of the pensions on real inflation.

This year the pensions grew by a one-time payment in five thousand rubles, added premieres.

He emphasized that for many pensioners of this 5 thousand rubles more than the increase would give through the indexation.

“We the tasks of this year on indexing performed”, – Medvedev emphasized.





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