Anti-Russian information campaign

An anti-Russian information campaign gains a total and sometimes comical character in the West

Russians are guilty already in all bad, what occurs in Germany or in the USA. Clinical signs are noticeable paranoia. Already not in a figurative sense, but in direct. The similar cases of the story are known.

There was such a defense minister  of the USA  in the late 40ies of James Forrestal. He was preparing for war with the Soviet Union. Developed a plan for a nuclear attack on a hundred Soviet cities. The Minister has constantly demanded an increase in military spending.

And those who objected him, called Russian agents. Spoke only about the Soviet threat. Got a sickly view. Finally the colleagues suspected that something is wrong. Forrestola the doctors inspected and acknowledged mentally sick. The Minister was removed from office and placed in a psychiatric hospital. There, he constantly repeated: “I saw Russian soldiers, they here.”

The patient was given lots of drugs. He as if became  quieter. Control weakened. And in vain. May 22, 1949 James Forrestal, shouting “Russian go!” he jumped out the window. It seems that today, too, there is a need to take some American leaders under medical control. And that they also will jump out of the window. Again we will be guilty.

“Two senior officials with direct access to information claim: new intelligence data shows – Putin personally supervised the process of diversion and use of the compromised data of the Democrats. Intelligence had been received from diplomats and other sources, including agents working for the allies”, – reports MSNBC.

That is, some unnamed person told the other unnamed persons, and those on condition of confidentiality told the press everything. But the same version with new details in the performance of Hillary Clinton. In new York, she justified to the sponsors for the defeat. Speech recorded on tape. Edition of the “new York times” that was published.

“Vladimir Putin has personally led a covert hacker attacks against our electoral system, against our democracy. Apparently, because he has personal scores with me,” – said Hillary Clinton.

That is, possible to disperse the powerful secret services of the USA? Listening to the whole world, they missed the attack on democracy? Or simply is it beneficial to Clinton on the question: “And what about our money?” to say: “It’s Russia to blame”! Graffitied walls, torn Wallpaper, and homework too… they ate it!


Accusing Russia of hacker attacks are usually next to the words “according to our data”, “maybe”, “not excluded”.

What happened in the TV channel “Fox news” with Congressman Democrat Adam Schiff:


If you can not provide facts, press on emotion. Something often began to remember Reagan, and, as a blueprint.

“I think Ronald Reagan would turn over in his grave” – Barack Obama.

No matter what former British diplomat and now member of “Wikileaks” Craig Murray told of how he personally received the documents from the headquarters of Clinton. It was leaking from the inside. The official speaker of the White House accuses the American media – attention! – in cooperation with Russian intelligence. “Even of the best material on the subject of the incident is obvious that news organizations in the United States has essentially become a wing of the Russian intelligence” – said White House spokesman Josh Ernest.

This is because too much media attention paid to the scandalous documents from the Headquarters of presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.

What’s next? And then it all the same. The evil Russian. The Western press has long replicates the horror stories. In General, the ideal formula of writing a headline – the phrase “Russia uses for military purposes” and then any word: refugees, culture, weather, even a cockroach-robots.

News from the UK: “Squid-killer — secret weapon of Vladimir Putin. Expert opinion”: “Vladimir Putin is developing a secret weapon. From the toxic venom of a giant squid-killer, who can hypnotize their prey and paralyze people at a distance of 150 feet.”

Yes, by the way, Brekzit – exit of Great Britain from the European Union – also Russian. This assumption was made by the former member of the Cabinet under Gordon Brown, Ben Bradshaw.

Angela Merkel, heads of secret service BND and Offices on the guard the Constitutions of Germany have already expressed their concern: Russians can influence on a German election. The press sets on fire. Most popular in the country “Bild” publishes the tabloid article: “Massive hybrid attack Putin in the elections to the Bundestag in 2017”.

In the environment of law enforcement authorities that is discussed now, as Russia using the blasting shares could try to force the population to the radical change of the looks, maybe, even using mortal violence.

Expert on Russia who does not know Russian language, confirms: The Kremlin, the Russian mafia and the secret services of Saddam Hussein, which actually long dead, can arrange for elections sex flash mobs, such as in Cologne last year. Hundreds of women then were subjected to harassment.

It would be great if all the crazy accusations against Russia over time turned into a harmless joke. And it was possible to laugh at them just as in advertising the Norwegians laugh at their horror stories about ever-present Russian submarines.


Ivan Blagoy



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