Europe tired to be a sponsor of Ukraine

The last EU Summit was held in Brussels at the this year. It was decided for six more months to extend sanctions against Russia.  France and Germany acted for it. According to unofficial information, Russia discussed in an informal atmosphere for a work lunch.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel told reporters that the decision was made due to the lack of progress in resolving the situation in Ukraine. At the final press-conference the head of the Council of Donald Tusk said that many countries were opposed to the extension of the sanctions. Tusk also acknowledged that the future of these measures largely depends on the position of the new administration of the United States.

And the head of the IMF Mission in Ukraine, Ron van Ruden said that the conditions for allocation of a new loan the country is to achieve agreement on the debt to Russia. In 2013, still under Yanukovych, Russia has provided Ukraine a loan of 15 billion dollars. The first tranche-three billion-Ukraine. After the overthrow of Yanukovich Kiev said: know nothing, nothing to remember, money given will not. As it turns out, the IMF about this recall and believes that Ukraine should give Russia money.

The IMF exists and at Russia’s expense. Our contribution is measured in billions of dollars. Interesting economic forecast, which gave van Ruden. According to him, Ukraine will need a generation to reach the level of development of the countries of Eastern Europe. Generation is 25 years. Van Roden gives Ukrainians hope that by 2041, they will live in much the same way as the Poles today. Here is realism, and very optimistic. As a matter of fact, this programming to poverty.

What previous 25 years? What happened with Ukraine? The population of this country after the collapse of the Soviet Union was 52 million. After a quarter century of official Ukrainian statistics gives a figure of 42 million. The birth rate fell sharply. Many people emigrated from Ukraine. But from that figure subtract Crimea – he returned to Russia. This two million 400 thousand people. To put it mildly, uncertain situation with Donetsk and Lugansk republics. This three million 800 thousand people. Subtract the Republic of Crimea and Donbass. Get 36 million. But you have to consider another factor-labour migration. To make a living outside Ukraine left about four million people. Total in Ukraine today lives 32 million against 52 25 years ago.



The country lost almost 40% of the population. This striking result. The result of the policy pursued by the mediocre rulers of Ukraine-both present and past.







There is nothing sadder still disappointment in love. No quarrel, no scandal – is slowly becoming increasingly clear awareness of a simple fact: you do not need anyone. Are not needed and are not interested in sacrifices, which you brought to the altar of dreams. Don’t care what will happen with you. And even parting with you is a problem not because worry about you, and because do not want to unnecessary hassle.

“Ukraine for the year 2016 deceived on all matters even in small things, not to mention the main. Straight into her forehead all together and individually said: who we are. That’s true attitude towards Ukraine in Europe, here is a true peak perform all Ukrainian demands all Ukrainian dreams. Neither the lacy panties, neither European integration nor even a normal life in the country. But only disappointment with a capital “D,” said political analyst Volodymyr Skachko.

Then, three years ago, nobody imposed feelings. Well, not brothers, so not brothers! Asked only to listen to the arguments. It was believed that 25 years of independence-adequate age to start thinking with your head. Convinced that all this will result in poverty and large blood. Warned that Europe, even if it wanted to, even at that time was not able to pull Ukraine.

“Ukraine Europe interested solely in one aspect-as a territory to be used against Russia, exactly as territory. That is, over on people, on the welfare of the people, here are all these tales that sounded on the Maidan, Europe was initially give a damn, “said the Director of the Center for Eurasian Studies Volodymyr Kornilov.

In fairness, because not only do we have warned. Back in the year 2002, shortly before the Ukrainians on the European dream of paradise almost ended the first catastrophe, the sleek European elder Romano Prodi promised Ukraine happiness not earlier than in some 25 years.

Passed 14 years. And now, this year, after all that, Ukraine endured another European Jean-Claude Juncker said about the same 25 years waiting.

“Despite the fact the country sank into poverty, that economy collapses, Ukrainians still continue to, firstly, all their troubles to blame Russia and Putin personally; Secondly, they continue to live a dream that European civilization will take them to their gentle warm embrace, and they still sooner or later, so to speak, will heal well, explains journalist Andrei Babitsky.

Humanly it is very understandable. After so many years it is impossible to admit to yourself that you all this time was a bargaining chip. This week it became abundantly clear that Ukraine’s future has been the subject of bargaining, which is not that of love with Europe, but even on the situation of the concubine can no longer be considered.

“The association agreement is not a springboard for entering the EU, neither now nor in the future, it does not lead to any form of compulsory security cooperation, it will not allow Ukrainian citizens work in the EU and its countries. Ukraine does not receive additional funding in connection with this agreement, and Lastly, Ukraine must make every possible effort to combat corruption, and if not, then this will have consequences for renewal of the Association Agreement, “said the Prime Minister of the Netherlands Mark Reutte.

Last spring, in April, Dutch citizens in a referendum opposed the signing between the EU and Ukraine Agreement , the same from which began the ill-fated Maidan, where ukrainians were ready to kill each other. Brussels, with some awkwardness, still tried to push through an agreement with the amendments, which insisted the Dutch. As a result, no money, no protection, no dreams! And does not the fact that even this option would pass through Dutch Parliament.

“I believe that the Netherlands should not have been required to sign an agreement on association with Ukraine. Our Government had the opportunity not to ratify this Treaty. We have got the right of veto. And then this contract would not have been adopted at all in Europe. In Ukraine the situation could ease somewhat” said Dutch politician, the initiator of the referendum Thierry Bode. In Europe apparently felt that would be too severely, if the whole truth in the eyes of Ukraine will tell those who follow her courted, so Dutch. Looks like everything so that Brussels simply left no choice.

“Today there is a war. Poroshenko is very beneficial to this war. Because those same contracts for the purchase of all things for the army, everything goes through his company. Knowing how submissive Parliament Poroshenko, and that is, roughly speaking, any law that it needs, it buys and calculated with the deputies. To spend even the same Minsk agreement, stop the war, there is nothing for him. Just at the moment it is unprofitable. That is, it is PR, for it is for him to report for Western partners, it is for him to obtain additional funding for military operations, of which, respectively, you can launder the money, “said Aleksandr Onishchenko.


So, the European dream, apparently forever and will remain a dream. The war, which has become the only real result of misguided expectations, amid a moribund economy, becomes a source of profit.


None of the promises, which Ukrainians lived in recent years, and failed. Even the decision to abolish visas to Europe, which Ukraine for some reason it was considered almost European, postponed his wedding ring in the spring, that in general it does not matter. The bulk of the population simply did not have the means to afford to tour in Europe, and anything else cancel visas does not apply.

Late maturing process will be difficult because, by the time the first life clashes with this loneliness and Ukraine did not have time to find themselves. So, instead of to solve arising as a result of teenage stupidity problem, it will continue to search for, which can make it very far.

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Evgeny Baranov


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