In the order of the Ministry of Defense received four Sukhoi Su-34

Total Russian Defense Ministry plans to purchase about two hundred military aircraft Su-34.

Aerospace Russian forces were armed with four front-line bomber Su-34. This was to “Interfax” a source in the power structures of the Novosibirsk region.

– Today, about seven o’clock in the morning Moscow time the aircraft took off from the airport of Novosibirsk aircraft plant included in the Aviation Holding Company “Sukhoi” and headed for one of the military airfield, located in the Chita region, – he said. – After refueling and rest of the Su-34 crew will perform a flight at the airport a permanent home. According to plan it will happen tomorrow (24 December, ed.) in the morning.

The interviewee noted that this is the last in the past year supply of Su-34, the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation in the framework of the state defense order-2016. And he recalled that the delivery is carried out within the framework of the second contract for the purchase of the Russian military’s 92 planes of this type.

The first contract to supply 32-x machines fully executed. Всего Минобороны РФ планирует закупить порядка двухсот Су-34, которые хорошо зарекомендовали себя, в частности, в ходе антитеррористической операции, проводимой с осени прошлого года в Сирийской Арабской Республике.

Multifunctional fighter-bomber Su-34 is designed to engage both ground and water bodies of the enemy, he is able to destroy moving targets, even small. The aircraft also has the ability to destroy air targets at any time of the day in all weather conditions.




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