In Irkutsk the number of the dead grows after the ingestion into the concentrate for baths


News from Irkutsk, where dozens of people were poisoned after drinking the concentrate for baths, which was poison-methyl alcohol. Since December 19, the city banned the sale of any such non-food liquids and introduced state of emergency. According to the hour, already dead 49. Numbers grew throughout the day as people were taken to hospitals in critical condition. Зачем такое вообще употреблять вовнутрь – истоки привычки уходят в прошлое лет на 20. Об этом говорили на федеральном уровне.

Lethal intoxication! The police are looking for victims. Relatives are telling: everything happened fast.

“I tell him: “What’s wrong with you?” He says: “Nothing”. Well, all I went to the center, to go with the child. Arrived back – and he is all black”, – the woman tells.

Bottle-killer. Large letters HAWTHORN. A warning on the label: DANGEROUS. But buyers pay attention to another inscription. As part of ethyl alcohol. So they thought, you can drink. And did, for a long time.

This time, instead of ethanol was methyl. This is – poison! Used for the production of plastics, antifreeze. Just a teaspoon and a man going blind. The victims drank much more. Dozens of people in intensive care. Condition was grave.

“In my practice poisoning were similar, but in such quantity…. Of course, this is the first time we have. Poisoning is severe, patients lose consciousness very quickly “, said the Chief doctor of the medical unit of the Irkutsk aviation plant Eugene Vyhovsky.

The city seized over two thousand bottles of “Hawthorn”. This is 500 liters. Detained seven people, among them – the distributors. Who and where manufactured the poison, set by investigators. Methyl alcohol cheaper ethyl. News agencies reported that poisonous liquid was poured into an underground workshop in the garden community near Irkutsk. While the police did not confirm this information. The label specified by the manufacturer from St. Petersburg. Today, only the watchman here.

“- We do not work. – A “Hawthorn” Who produces? – We six months have not done with the month of July, no license,”- he says.

Why means for baths call in the same way as a tincture? The answer is obvious: the cost of such “Hawthorn” less bottles of vodka. Some cities even have installed machines: written “Boyarka” cosmetic lotion. But chose it for other purposes. «Во! Бухлецо!»

When ingested, these lotions are dangerous, even if ethyl alcohol. After all, as a part of many other chemicals. On the Internet dozens of clips in which the liquid is used for other purposes, including teenagers. «Боярышник» покупала и молодежь Иркутска. And this so-called bath concentrate sold even in grocery stores.

“Have repeatedly been such girls came, bought two or three things,” says the seller Nadezhda Sidikova.

Medicinal tinctures, perfumes, windscreen wipers can be sold without restriction 24 hours a day. Не включены они и в базу ЕГАИС. They are not included in the state of the control system. Tragedy in Irkutsk was discussed at a Government meeting.

There are also plans to toughen penalties for the illegal sale of alcohol products. For a first offense – a large fine. For the second – the criminal liability.




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