Ministry of defence about the operation in Aleppo: Russia did what was considered impossible

Operation on withdrawal of the militants along with their families from Aleppo opened new opportunities for the implementation of the cease hostilities in other parts of Syria,  declared on Sunday an official representative of the Ministry of defence of Russia is a major-general Igor Konashenkov.

On Friday a Russian Center of the reconciliation of warring parties in Syria informed of the termination of the operation on the release from the militants of Aleppo which controlled from of 2012 an eastern part of city.

He also noted, “we are talking primarily about a real place, thanks to the efforts of the Russian officers of the Center for reconciliation, the separation of militants of the so-called “moderate opposition” from the uncompromising radicals. That is what our American partners a year was considered impossible to implement in practice”.


“The operation of the Russian Center for reconciliation showed what is needed today for further progress in reconciliation in Syria – this desire to negotiate with all parties to the conflict directly «on the ground», with the exception of terrorist groups”, – noted Konashenkov.

He said, “all attempts to replace the hard negotiation work on earth with the armed opposition some conferences in a comfortable Western capitals with representatives of the “higher negotiating committees” or direction to Aleppo some “observers” – dead-end and useless way. And the sooner this is realize in Paris, London and Washington, which are not yet even able to send humanitarian aid to Syria, the faster there will be peace”.




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