Space training for students

The cosmonaut training center held the original course of General space training for the 120 students who come to Sochi from different parts of our country: Bashkiria, Voronezh, Moscow, Moscow region, Smolensk, Volgograd and Anapa.

During training, children learned about the programs of space exploration in different countries, were able to feel like real astronauts and to carry out the docking of piloted spaceship Soyuz with the International space station, to meet the main milestones of space exploration, learn about the people who took the most active part.

“Working with children for cosmonaut training Center has always been one of the most important areas. We are very responsible attitude to this, actively try to attract the younger generation to study space, we want to excite young people about space, to draw their attention to the problems of modern Astronautics”, – said the Deputy head of the youth educational Cosmocentro training Center of cosmonauts Oleg Zakharov.



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