Cheerful morning: in Vladivostok dozens of people came out to race in the new year

The New Year in huge Russia starts in the Far East, and when the West of the country people still buying tangerines, bake cakes and cut salads, Primorye, Kamchatka, Sakhalin and other territories, already celebrate the main holiday of the country. Residents of large cities, celebrating the ringing bells of the tower clock at the family table, strive to go out in a central square, to the main fir tree.

In Vladivostok, despite frost and early morning, dozens of people took part in a new-year “Race at home”. They call it a great opportunity to start the year from scratch with a reboot. And contrary to old tradition, a good night’s sleep January 1st. Running club unites people of all ages, occupations, beliefs and level of athletic training.

“How can you after new year’s eve to come here, in the centre of Vladivostok, and even to run a kilometre? Very it is even possible. Wonderful event, great invented, we all family came here, and today we will do it ” – the participant of the race Yuriy Belokon told.

After registration, a short and fun workout. Nevertheless air temperature minus 13 degrees, so to run even a kilometer should be well warmed up.

This is not even a race, rather, running the carnival. In the same row with Grandfather Frost and Snegurochka, symbol of the year – rooster — ready to run tigers, wolves, hares, heroes of fairy tales and comics.

The race takes place along the main street of Vladivostok. The participants spend only 10-20 minutes on him, but the impressions, of course, remain for a long time. Losers are not here – the medals get everything. Individual prizes awarded for costumes.

The number of supporters of the sports festival has increased significantly – in 2016, January 1,  running united a hundred people, and this for participation the organizers have registered already 200 applicants. Now for running “at home” in Vladivostok even began to come from other regions.

1 Jan 2017 09:31 Andrei Kolesnikov

Original:  (We apologize if the translation is not entirely correct.)


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