“Broke manhood in New Year “: as residents of Moscow celebrated a holiday.

January 1 of the women got into a knife fight, and the men fell out of windows

Not all residents of Moscow successfully survived New year. During the night, Moscow police no time to be bored: they saved fell from the window, separated women fight with knives, separate women fighting knives, came in for a shooting in the apartments.

And also learned the delicate circumstances of the injury of the citizen, which morning of January 1 was hospitalized with a suspected fracture of manhood.

50 minutes before midnight the police called a resident of Union street – in his eyes, the 41-year-old brother Kirill, ran from the table with delicacies, took a traumatic gun (the gun had a permit) and shot himself in the temple. The death was recorded 10 minutes before midnight.

The brother said, 4 months ago, Kirill got fired from work for drunkenness, At the same time, he divorced his wife. Muscovite complained that the alimony payments and credits (he was a debtor to several banks) will bring him to the grave.

January 1 the residents of one of the houses in the Severodvinsk street suddenly heard the knock in the district 3.00, but after moans. Looking out the window, in the darkness they saw a man lying. It was 16-year-old Vladimir from 4 floors – the fellow fell out in the midst of fun. Vladimir, fortunately for him, escaped with only a concussion.

But 18-year-old Dmitry was less lucky from Novomarinskoy street – at 5 o’clock in the morning a young man fell off the 16th floor. To survive, of course, was unreal. The family say that the guy left a suicide note.

In 10.00 quarreled three girls-coeval in the apartment on the Hospital Val street: 21-year-old Anna and two Anastasia. Ladies celebrated all night and in the morning they quarreled. One Anastasiya grabbed the knife and cut girl-friends, as well as one girl’s mother, who came to help. The wounded were hospitalized in surgical departments of hospitals, and the culprit – in a psychiatric hospital.

The most unusual injury was 28-the summer inhabitant of street of Admiral Lazarev. At 9.00 he personally appealed with complaints of a swollen cock. The man, as it turned out, overworked in terms of love funs and, apparently, broke his masculine tool. True or not – will show a medical examination.

Original: http://www.mk.ru/moscow/2017/01/02/slomal-dostoinstvo-v-novogodnyuyu-noch-kak-moskvichi-vstretili-prazdnik.html (We apologize if the translation is not entirely correct.)

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