Klymenko: Russia should be ready for the disconnection from the world Internet

Russia should be ready for the situation at which she will be disconnected from the world Internet, said the adviser President Vladimir Putin on the Internet German Klimenko in an interview with RT.

The possibility of the development of such a scenario implies the bill on regulation of a Russian segment of the Internet, developed by the Ministry of communications and aimed, according to Klimenko, for the protection of critical infrastructure of the country.

The adviser of the President considers because of the high probability of “tectonic shifts to the downside” in relations with the West Russian Internet it is necessary to adjust so that it was protected.

Klimenko noted that the law does not affect activities of ordinary Internet users.

In early December, the FSB reported that foreign special services are preparing attacks to destabilize Russia’s financial system. “Rostelecom” has confirmed this information and added that repelled the attack on the five largest banks and financial institutions. By the decree of U.S. President Barack Obama of the residents of Crimea are deprived of access to services of Google and Microsoft. Also Western countries have threatened to cut off Russian banking system from the international SWIFT system, thereby achieving collapse of the financial system.


Note from the author: Apologize for stylistic and grammatical errors. English is not my native language.

Original: https://ria.ru/technology/20161229/1484880354.html

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