«Work brothers!» The policeman was not afraid of terrorists looking in the face of death.

For courage and bravery the title “Hero of Russia” posthumously awarded the police Lieutenant Magomed Nurbagandov. Gold star of the Hero from the hands of the President received the family of the officer. A policeman was killed in July by militants because he remained faithful to the oath.

– Here, caught the officer, a Junior Lieutenant of police Nurbagandov Magomed Nurbagandov. Is that you?

– Yes, I am.

– Say, these atheists!

– What to say?

– That didn’t work.

– Work, brothers!

This is the last word in life of officer Magomed Nurbagandov said looking into the eyes of his killer. The policeman did not get afraid and did not changed an oath. Video find in the phone of the leader of the gang Alimbekova. The part of the gang will destroy during the special operation, the part will be detainee. Among them and the one who filmed a shooting. «I pulled out my phone and started filming on the phone Alimbekova and during the shooting to comment on the video.» – the detainee Arthur Bekbolatov told.

Nineteen-year-old Arthur Bekbolatov in January, was detained at the Russian-Azerbaijani border, when he tried to travel to fight in Syria. He was then returned home. After some time, he joined a gang and left, as he says, to “the woods”. There  bandits  came across a group of young people vacationing around the campfire. One was killed immediately. After learning that Magomed policeman,  they tried to capture how he begs mercy and persuades colleagues to leave work. Failed.

He served in Kaspiysk in the security. Then, on vacation, he’ll be carrying no weapons, and to resist the armed thugs could not.

“His parents raised him courageous guy. He knew most likely that this is his last words in life, but nevertheless do not flinch” – said the Deputy chief of Department of security at Kaspiysk, Magomed Hajiyev.

The grandfather of Mohammed was the Director of the school where he once studied and where he graduated with a gold medal. The news of the death of a beloved grandchild grandfather did not survive and died. The family is still in mourning.

Vladimir Putin met with the parents of Magomed and told them that for courage and the heroism shown at execution of an office debt, has signed a Decree on awarding him the title of Hero of Russia.

“I know that you now is very difficult and not up to any official meetings and conversations. I’m sorry it was such a difficult time for you you are invited here. Wanted to thank you for your son, he is a hero. Not everyone under threat of death remains faithful to the oath and duty, remains faithful to his people. Only cowardly people can shoot an unarmed man. Only real heroes, real men, but just the way you raised your son can fearlessly look into the eyes of death. This is an example for many of us. And his words «Work, brothers!»  – this is an order to all his colleagues. Thank you very much” – the President said the parents of the Hero of Russia.

Today became known that the fellow villagers of the officer took the decision to assign name the Central street of his native village of Sergokala in Dagestan, his name.

Original: http://www.1tv.ru/news/2016/09/21/310427-politseyskiy_iz_dagestana_kotoryy_otkazalsya_vypolnit_trebovanie_boevikov_posmertno_stal_geroem_rossii (We apologize if the translation is not entirely correct.)


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