Protests met in Europe the most extensive since the «Cold War» redeployment of American troops.

The United States has increased its military presence in Europe. In Poland arrived soldiers and officers of the Armoured Brigade – the first batch of a total strength of the contingent of several thousand people. Their equipment recently unloaded in Germany, causing dissatisfaction of local residents. All done as openly say in NATO, to deter our country. Moscow has repeatedly opposed, stressing that dangerously unbalanced forces.

In the Wroclaw Copernicus Airport on that day, the U.S. military was almost more than Polish civilians. This is only the first group of US soldiers being transferred under the program to strengthen the eastern borders of NATO. 250 of the estimated four thousand. Will stay in Eastern Europe before the fall, when they will be replaced by rotation. Soldiers and commanders clearly feel the participants something very significant.

“Today is a historic day. The first troops of the 3rd Panzer Brigade of the 4th Infantry Division came here to demonstrate US commitment to duty as an ally, ready to assist our friends. Our soldiers – real professionals, “- said the commander.

Well, the track record of the 4th Infantry really impressive – both world wars, Vietnam, and Iraq, in their area of responsibility, such as the capture of Saddam Hussein. And what about the historic day … Well, historicity, apparently, is that since the end of the “cold war” – it is the most massive transfer of US troops in Europe. Dubious achievement, considering how many times in our country warned of the danger of loosening of the balance of power on the continent.

Even in Europe not all want to be so protected.

“It’s not some kind of aggressor, and that all this only aggravates the situation”; “It is necessary that the problems were solved by peaceful means, rather than weapons and re-division of the world”; “We have to show that not all here want for our city riding military vehicles!” – People say in an interview with Radio Bremen TV (Germany).

To the accompaniment of protests in the German port of Bremerhaven take heavy machines. 400 units tracked and wheeled units 900. Journalists counted: if all the tanks, self-propelled guns and supporting equipment loaded on a train, its length is 14 kilometers. By rail it all will be conveyed by detachments of Drawsko Pomorskie, Skwierzyna, Sventoshuv and Bolesławiec, then on demand.

Additional US forces plan to place even in the Baltic states, Bulgaria, Romania. Sounds, of course, menacing. But our military experts believe that this is the most armored placebo to Eastern European allies to wind themselves into hysterics shouting “Russian go”, they were not disappointed in the NATO alliance.

“The course, of course, first and foremost political. A team of four thousand people have no real impact on the ratio of combat potentials. It is visible that they themselves came up with the enemy in the form of so-called Russian threat and that threat now itself reflect,” said military expert, editor-in-Chief of the “Arsenal of fatherland” Viktor Murakhovsky.

NATO had already ceased to hide the fact that this whole game mechanized muscles is against Russia. Justification come up with plausible: “containment of the Russian aggression”. In addition to traditional Polish and Baltic Russophobia, now have a new excuse: Russians everywhere, the Russians entered the Network and elected American President, they must urgently respond!

It is no coincidence Obama has accelerated the transfer of troops to Europe. According to the plan the final go-ahead was to give the new president. But Trump is very skeptical and tales about hackers, and the thesis that the US should support if any whim of the Eastern European members of NATO. That Obama and hastened to send troops. At the same time, and problems successor threw.

“In NATO, saying that their actions are purely defensive. But in Russia, they are considered as a manifestation of aggressive capacity Western forces in Eastern Europe. German Left Party, calling for closer relations with Russia, said that Berlin has a historic commitment to strive for peace and disarmament. “Tanks have not yielded anywhere world-lot Representative reminds Christian Gehrke. On the contrary, such a large-scale deployment of troops looks to overcome and provocation, “writes the New York Times in an article entitled” American tanks arrive in Eastern Europe”.

“From a military point of view, Russia should not immediately respond to this kind of provocation, and continue to carry out the plan of the Armed Forces for the period up to 2020, which was approved by the president – the Supreme Commander,” – continues to Viktor Murakhovski.

Consider stir NATO stands as a rather psychological operation. Baltic and Polish authorities just quieter when under sideways faces American tanks.

It is interesting calmer whether American soldiers from that the balts and poles consider them as human shields…

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