The meteorite fell in Khakassia

Today, December 6, 2016 onwards, in the area between the village of Bogoslovka and the village of Cheremushki in 18:37 Moscow time flying and presumably fallen meteorite. Eyewitnesses who watched the fall, reported a bright flash, accompanied by a strong roar. Now we can say that the celestial body weight could be from 10 kilograms to tons. The exact mass of meteorite determine quite tricky, experts report that such information appears after studying the parameters of its orbit. The speed of the meteorite at the time of entry into the Earth’s atmosphere was more than 30 kilometers per second. Analysis of images, videos and other material indicates that it is not space debris.

The fall could photograph the witnesses on surveillance cameras and DVRs car. Thanks to this online, there are many quality videos. The time of the fall was seen very well, even in spite of strong cloudiness.

The fall of the meteorite observed residents of Krasnoyarsk and Khakassia. The accident itself had no impact on terrestrial objects and nothing hurt. Local authorities reported that no victims among the population, and the inhabitants of settlements is not felt by any negative impact.




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