Omsk news. The judge himself was hanged.

In Nazyvaevsk burglar closed in a supermarket

A man who tried to rob a supermarket, blocked at the crime scene. When he got out through the window, the seller of the store caught up with him and twisted.

Last night in Nazyvaevsk tried to rob a supermarket. Store manager, received information about the alarm is triggered, sent to the place of one of the sellers. When the man saw that in a trading Hall is an outsider, he closed the door and went outside. The robber, noticing the employee tried to escape through a window, which broke to sneak in a supermarket, but the seller it has caught up and kept until the arrival of police, reported in OMVD (police) of Russia on Nazyvaevskomu area.

In a package that 25-year-old local resident managed to make from the store were food, alcohol and cigarettes are almost 30 thousand. rubles.

Earlier, the robber had already repeatedly prosecuted, including theft and hijacking. And now against him is investigated three criminal cases on the facts of his committing property crimes.



A resident of Omsk beat hers son and drove the child to frost

Barefoot baby spent two hours in the cold and is now can losing his legs.

Police are trying to understand the horrible incident which occurred yesterday in the district center. At Saturday, January 14, 10:35 hours of the Muromcevskoj district hospital in police, it was reported that a 14-year-old boy out with frostbite toes of both feet and numerous bruises. It turned out that the boy is brutally picked its own mother.


– Police officers during the audit found that the 37-year-old mother of a son of a minor hit with the poker, and then threw him out without shoes in the fence of the house. A child more than two hours barefoot in the street, after which a grandmother took the child to a medical institution, said in regional police office.

It turned out that the woman is under preventive supervision in the department of juvenile OMVD Russia’s Muromtsevsky District as a dysfunctional parent is the mother of three children. Since 2012, she is deprived of parental rights in relation to 11-year-old son. After the incident, her 2-year-old daughter transferred custody of 56-year-old grandmother.

Guardianship authorities Muromtsevsky district to decide whether to restrict or deprivation of parental rights of minors would-be mother.

But on the fact of brutal beating is checked. After receiving the certificate of forensic medical examination it will be adopted procedural decision.



In the Omsk region the villager climbed into the store through the pipe and stole vodka

Five bottles of alcohol, two packs of cigarettes and 12.5 thousand roubles became prey to resident Bol’sherechenskogo district that night broke into the shop.

The day before the seller of the shop in  the village Ryamovka of Bolsherechenskogo district, coming in the  morning to work, found out loss

Police identified quickly enough that a thief entered the store, dismantling the chimney. He left traces that were seized forensic experts.

As it turned out, the theft has made 28-year-old local resident. He was detained in the apartment of a friend in Bolshereche where criminal hiding from the law enforcement, reported in Russian by OMVD Bolsherechensky District.

On villager brought a criminal case of theft with unauthorized access to the premises. The man faces up to 5 years in prison. In addition, it turned out that he was serving a sentence for trespassing and released on parole. Now solved the question of replacing him in the punishment of imprisonment for a term of 1 year and 6 months.



Omsk judge Moskalenko committed suicide

The man who hanged today in the Park today 300 anniversary of Omsk, was judge Sergey Moskalenko, accused of taking bribes from businessman Viktor Berg.

As soon as it became known, a man who hanged himself this morning in the park of the 300th anniversary of Omsk, was a famous judge Sergei Moskalenko.

On the eve of New Year Moskalenko was accused of taking bribes from a businessman Victor Berg, who was killed in October 2015.

A criminal case against Sergey Moskalenko was initiated in early July 2016 years Chairman of the investigative Committee of the Russian Federation Alexander Bastrykinym. According to investigators, from 2010 to 2015, Moskalenko, being a judge of the Kuibyshev District Court of Omsk and considering a criminal case of ex-head of the “Company OmStroy 2001” Victor Berg received from the defendant a bribe in the form of funds and the provision of property-related services to the general amounting to more than 8 million rubles. For the money he brought a criminal case to the prosecutor, and when re-entering the case to court had to acquit. Victor Berg was shot by a hitman in the forest belt near Omsk.

As previously reported RIA “Omsk-Inform”, today in the Park of the 300th anniversary of Omsk was found hanged himself an old man, next to which is skiing. He hung back to the central avenue of the park, so that the witnesses could not see his face. It is established that this person was Sergey Moskalenko. It is known that he lived not far from the Park.

The press service of the Investigation Department of the TFR Omsk region correspondent of RIA “Omsk-Inform” reported that the verification is carried out on the fact of suicide Sergei Moskalenko.


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