“Are you all Washington lackeys?” Fanny Ardant praised Russia.

Outstanding French actress Fanny Ardant live French television channel ARTE (“right” channel, politically correct) allowed myself to doubt the infallibility of the US and the West. Furthermore, she called the journalists present “lackeys of America.” The question of one of the journalists was suggestive correct answer. “Do not you have the impression that today is often confused Russia, Russian culture, with Russian political, with Putin’s Russia?” The reporter ran into. Fanny Ardant answered unexpectedly.

“I think the West loves to give lessons and tell who is good and who is bad. While he has behind him years of colonization, all sorts of outrages and wars. I think that you, the journalists, you, ladies and gentlemen, it is always necessary to demonize anyone. While everything is much more complicated. Why no one comes to mind to demonize America? Except that now and then only for Trump. You have in all cases are scapegoats, and in this case Russia. Instead, to consider and weigh all the “pros” and “cons” … You really unhappy that there now have the equivalent force opposing America? Or perhaps, you are already so became lackeys, that did not want to at least someone could she resist? “- Troubled actress.

“Of course of course! We’ve been reproved by US imperialism, but now there is a Russian imperialism. Did not need it and denounce it? “asked the interviewer Tom Lebrun.

“Of course need! But I think it’s very important that there is now at least one power, really against America”, – insisted Fanny Ardant.

“Do you think that it is better two imperialism than no imperialism?” – Asked her companion.

“No, but worse-when there is only one imperialism. At least now people are beginning to better navigate, are starting to realize that they were all under the influence of it is undisputed American imperialism, “- said the actress.

This is a very rare episode for Western television. There’s an information field cleaned, there’s talk show-not as we have, which presents a different perspective, sometimes polar and sometimes even talk show participants fight, which of course cannot be welcomed. France – the center of free thought in the world. In past. And now this episode, when the famous actress expresses a thought that does not coincide with what it should say is surprising.


Note from the author: Apologize for stylistic and grammatical errors. English is not my native language.

Original: http://www.1tv.ru/news/2017/01/15/317847-frantsuzskaya_aktrisa_fanni_ardan_v_pryamom_efire_vystupila_v_zaschitu_rossii

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