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LADA Granta car became the best selling Russian cars in Germany

Russian car LADA Granta entered the list of the most popular over the last year.

LADA Granta enjoys success in Germany. According to representatives of the company Kraftfahrt-Bundesamt, Russian cars attract German drivers due to its low cost and accessibility. In Germany LADA sold in the amount of 1 686 units, of which about one thousand were “sedans”, all the rest – “liftbek”.

On the second place on popularity turned SUV 4 × 4 LADA, third place went to LADA Kalina hatchback.


More than 60 countries have acquired the film rights to “Viking”

TASS reported about it in the press-service of the first channel.

Russian film see, in particular, viewers in Germany, Spain, Belgium, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Slovakia and the countries of the former Yugoslavia. Also signed a deal with China, South Korea, the countries of South-East Asia and Latin America.

Earlier portal reported that box office “Viking” exceeded 1.25 billion rubles, so the picture has now ranked third in the history of national cinema.

“Viking” also became the first Russian film that entered the top ten as a result of fees in worldwide box office from January 5-8, earning US $ 6.7 million in 2600 cinemas, as well as in the three Baltic countries. The film surpassed the box office American drama “Collateral Beauty” (fees $ 6.6 million). Higher box office than “Viking” worldwide during the period 5-8 January films such as “Rogue One: A Star Wars Story”, “Assassin’s Creed”, “Passengers”, “Sing”, “Moana” and “The Great Wall”.



“Helicopters of Russia” handed over to China the first two Ka-32A11BC

Holding “Helicopters of Russia” completed the transfer to China the first batch of multi-purpose helicopters Ka-32A11BC, contract signed in 2015.

“Under the contract, the first batch of the two machines has already been transferred to the customer, two more helicopters will be handed over in 2017. Technique will be exploited by Chinese operators for fire fighting and rescue operations, “said the press service.

Multi-purpose helicopter Ka-32A11BC is designed for search and rescue and high altitude installation work, freight transportation, evacuation of the sick and injured, fire-fighting and patrolling.

Previously holding “Helicopters of Russia” has put 11 helicopters Ka-32 various Chinese customers.



Cuba took the first batch of trucks KAMAZ.

Cuban side took the first batch of six trucks of PJSC “KamAZ” in the framework of the signed contract for the supply of more than 2 million units of motor vehicles.

Export Director of PJSC “KamAZ” Raphael Gafiev said that Cuba has reached 163 cars, all the same contract is for the supply of nearly 2,400, not including spare parts and equipment. “We hope that the whole automotive electronics will be delivered before the end of March or April. Before the end of the year would put another 362 cars.


Russia completed the delivery of submarines to Vietnam

JSC “Admiralty Shipyards” has successfully completed the implementation of the signed December 15, 2009 a contract worth $ 3.2 billion, provides for the supply of Vietnam 6 diesel-electric submarines  of Project 06361 and construction of the associated infrastructure. Currently, the plant is building another 2 diesel-electric submarines of the project for the Navy Algeria.


Russia has sent France a second batch of equipment for ITER

From the seaport of St. Petersburg started to ferry party switching equipment for the International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor (ITER), which is being built by an international team of experts in the south of France.

Switching equipment is made at the Research institute of electrophysics equipment the name of D. V. Yefremova (NIIEFA) in Saint-Petersburg.

Production and supply of switching equipment, conductors and energy absorbing resistors for power supply and protection of the superconducting magnetic system of the ITER reactor – the most expensive and one of the most complex systems of 25, under the responsibility of Russia. In accordance with the agreement on the supply of equipment, for the next few years is to be manufactured and delivered to the ITER Organization about 5.4 km of special cables the total weight of more than 500 tons.

Remind that the first batch of switching equipment was brought from St. Petersburg to France last December.


Note from the author: Apologize for stylistic and grammatical errors. English is not my native language.


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