McCain Russia a major player in the Middle East

President Vladimir Putin has made Russia’s leading player in the Middle East, told the TV channel MSNBC Republican Senator John McCain.

According to the politician, the Russian leader “has achieved the desired very smart way, in spite of the bad cards in his hands.”

McCain added that the US must be content with only an invitation to negotiate a settlement in Syria, which will be held in Astana on 23 January.

“Nothing is more indicative than what the Russians, Iranians and Turks invite the United States to participate in the Peace Conference (Syria). US not headed it, not even are part of this, us just invited.  What we have achieved.” – said the Senator.

Republican John McCain is known for his anti-Russian stance. In particular, he was one of the initiators of new sanctions against Moscow because of cyber attacks for allegedly responsible “Russian hackers”. However, no evidence, neither the senator nor his colleagues have not presented.


Note from the author: Apologize for stylistic and grammatical errors. English is not my native language.


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