Petition against Donald Trump. Protest signs for sale.

In the US protesting against Trump for money.

The organization’s campaign paid protests against President-elect Donald Trump launched in United States. As reported by the newspaper Washington Times, people willing to participate in such promotions, offered a reward of $2500 per month plus an hourly fee for direct participation in activities at the rate of $50 per hour.

The publication presents concrete examples of advertisements that are hosted on the Internet relevant companies and organisations. In particular, the firm from San Francisco (Calif.) “Demand Protest” calls for: “Fight against Trump and earn!” “We pay people who are already politically motivated to address the protection of what they believe,” – says the company is positioning itself as “the largest US private organization to provide grassroots support.”

“You have the same and so were going to act, so why not join us? She continues to exhort their potential recruits. “We now need operatives to help give a strong signal to the upcoming protests on the occasion of the inauguration of Trump”.

By trump during the election campaign said that his opponents held their rallies for money. At the same time on his own rallies people always was much.

Financial conditions of recruitment of activists Washington Times quoted for the same ads. According to her, wages and benefits, including health insurance, promise regular “operatives”. For the rest, the condition of obtaining money is involved “at least 6 events for the year.” According to the publication, this type of advertising is now placed “in more than 20 cities,” the United States.


Note from the author: Apologize for stylistic and grammatical errors. English is not my native language.


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Allen Doran
My family voted for Trump because we thought he was the real deal. We thought that he was a out sider going up against in siders, or big money. A new kind of republican. But now I lost all love for the man. He is taking steps to put insiders in power full rolls in the White House. Like Wall Street Bankster. He is putting Billionaires in power full rolls in the White House. In my opinion he duped America in to thinking that he is a out sider . I could have for given him for any thing, his… Read more »