Religious celebration. Baptism in Russia

Orthodox believers celebrate Baptism

Today Orthodox believers celebrate Baptism. This is one of the main Christian holidays. First met him the inhabitants of Kamchatka. In the hole-Jordan believers plunge, despite the low temperature. The record for the swim in sub-zero temperatures put the residents of the village of Ust-Nera. Local Indigirka river is considered to be the coldest on the planet. At an air temperature is around minus 40 degrees on the shore of people were waiting for the tents that are heated heat gun to “acceptable” minus 20, reports “Russia 24”. Celebrate Baptism and the Caucasus. In Makhachkala sanctified the waters of the port. In Ossetia, the Jordan was a mountain river. In Moscow, the festival has arranged almost 70 of the ice hole, each supplied with warm changing rooms and the positions of the rescuers.


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